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Find Success with the National RV Training Academy

Training Thousands of  RV Service Technicians & Inspectors

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Texas Workforce Commission Licensed Certified Career Training School #S5812

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They Did it, So Can You

The National RV Training Academy has trained thousands of RV Owners, Mobile RV Technicians and RV Inspectors to help improve customer service in the RV industry. You don’t have to be an RVer or own an RV to work in this industry. Meet some of our previous students...

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For RV inspectors, the three-week program includes a hands-on RV Fundamentals class, courses on the principles of RV inspections plus advanced training pertaining to skills, methods and evaluation techniques.

For RV technicians, the five-week course includes the RV Fundamentals class plus four advanced hands-on courses in RV air conditioners and heat pumps, exterior systems, absorption refrigerators, water heaters and furnaces. Students can also opt to take two additional advanced classes in RV solar power and generators.

Program Overview

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A Great Time to Start a Business

Many self-employed mobile service technicians are making a good income with the flexibility to set their own schedules and work with customers who value their skills and results. The timing is ideal for these technicians to start businesses of their own.

We’ve known for years that RV dealers are overwhelmed with requests for service and there’s no end in sight. It can take four weeks to get a service appointment at some RV dealerships. That wait takes a big chunk out of the camping season. Fortunately, mobile service technicians have been able to alleviate some pressure on RV dealerships.

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What Others are Saying

“I arrived in Rockport at 5 p.m. on a Friday and had my first job as an inspector at 7 a.m. the next day when I was hired to inspect a Class A diesel motorhome,If you’re going to dive into self-employment, you might as well dive into the deep end by doing the most extreme types of jobs.”

— Steve Hurwitz
     Rockport, TX


Chirs Travaglino      
     Murphy, N.C.

“If you manage it like a business, promote it like a business and follow through on what you say you’re going to do, a mobile RV technician can make a very comfortable living.”

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Find Success with the National RV Training Academy

Training Thousands of  RV Service Technicians & Inspectors

Learn the Skills to Work on Your Own RV or Put that Knowledge to Work!

With over a half million new RVs sold each year, RV Technicians & Inspectors are in demand like never before! The rate of certified RV technicians getting proper hands-on training has been outnumbered by total RV sales year over year!

Whether you’re looking to save time & money working on your own RV, making "side hustle" supplemental income, starting a new career, or changing your career, now is the time to go to the largest licensed RV technical career school in the country. This is not one of those workshops you see online, the National RV Training Academy puts major emphasis on hands-on learning providing the fastest route to certification!

5-week certified tech program
3-week certified inspector program
Take courses one week at a time or consecutively
Hands-on equipment for each student
Solar Installation & Generator elective courses

The Fastest Route to Starting a Business

The National Rv Training Academy is a fraction of the cost of other career trade schools and can have you completed in just 35 days. The National RV Training Academy has a proven curriculum developed in partnership with manufacturers and is the only RV technical career school that provides college credits for your training.

National RV Training Academy

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Complete in 35 Days

Trade School Average Cost


Can Take 2 Years

Not Looking to be Self-Employed?

The RV Industry has some of the top sought-after jobs in America like RV Service Technician, Mobile RV Technician, and RV Inspectors. The National RV Training Academy can provide you with the skills to get those jobs that have an annual salary range of $27,340 - $63,060 based on the bureau of labor statistics 2020.

About our Facility

The National RV Training Academy is the only RV Technical career school with an RV park campus. Saying at the Texan RV Park is not a requirement but was designed intentionally to allow students to keep their RV and family close, develop relationships with other students, and spend time unpacking the day's sessions together around a campfire. Don’t have an RV? No problem, we have plenty of cabins and Tiny Homes to stay in during your training.

Food trucks and group meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Cabins & Tiny Homes available for those without RVs
Events for your spouse
Fishing ponds
Walking paths

The National RV Training Academy understands the RV community, many of our staff are full-time or part-time RVers. We’ve scheduled events for your spouse while you're at class. We bring in specialty food trucks for meals at the end of the day. We’ve been told this is more than an education, it’s an experience every RVer needs to go through.

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